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Racing Pigeons Books – Deep into Sport- Hand Bird Selection- Pigeon Racing

Filed under: Allgemein, Outdoors, Pets. 4 June 2015

Racing Pigeons Books  Deep into Sport Hand Bird Selection Pigeon RacingRacing Pigeons Books Deep into Sport Hand Bird Selection Pigeon Racing
“Deep into Sport – Hand Bird Selection” is the most in detail book regarding the physical description of the Champion racer bird ,how a bird should look and feel in the hand ,what are the characteristics that make him different from other birds. In every race there willl be on e single winner the best trained ,best motivated ,best fed ,and above all the best in body characteristics. If you have ever asked yourself how can we make the difference between the champion bird and the average ones this book will teach in depth just that.Over 30 colour images are presented to teach you the right pattern your hands must follow and what you must feel when holding an excellent bird in your hands . The following chapters will teach you everything you must know when assessing a bird in the hand from A to Z .1).The Tail2).The Rump3).The Skeleton4).The Wing Muscles5). The Feathering6).The Feet7).The Neck and Head8).The Eyes9).More From The Author Shop for Racing Pigeons Books online.Learn the secrets of racing pigeons sport from the best racing pigeons books. /
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