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Bible Quotefalls E-book – Bible Quotefall Puzzles Volume 1

Filed under: Allgemein, Books & Info, Religion & Spirituality. 3 April 2018

Bible Quotefalls Ebook  Bible Quotefall Puzzles Volume 1Bible Quotefalls Ebook Bible Quotefall Puzzles Volume 1
Over 110 Bible Quotefall puzzles to print out.These puzzles really get your brain working through deduction and trial and error while you are having fun. The process is easy to learn but still challenging to all levels of puzzle enthusiasts. There are an average of three puzzles per page so the letters are large and easy to read. These puzzles are a great way to learn Bible verses so have your Bible handy for more in depth study. Solutions for all 120 puzzles are given in the back of the book To solve these Bible verse Quotefalls (sometimes called dropquotes, letterdrops or fallen phrases) you drop the letters into the answer grid within the same columns that the letters are stored. Each column has exactly enough letters to fill the spaces below them. Use each letter once and only once. Your task is to place the letters in the right squares to make a Bible verse quotation.
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