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luminous-mind – Pure Consciousness – (Alpha)

luminousmind  Pure Consciousness  (Alpha)luminousmind Pure Consciousness (Alpha)
A pure consciousness vibration experienced in the sacral/adrenal, heart, throat, crown and high crown chakras, evoking a sense of pure being, ineffable pure consciousness.The recordings work in three ways:The tone or note of each bowl sympathetically resonates with a particular chakra (see below);The sound generated by the bowls carries the sutle energetic qualities of the materials in the bowl (see below);The brain can be entrained into one of the states in the respective recording (see below).A perception of unity with higher Self. Insepaerable from the most profound. Ineffable. Beyond duality. Non dual all pervading harmony. A purity of sutble conciousness is felt in all multi dimentions .The exquisite vibrations of these rare and beautiful bowls can help to lead our minds to a place beyond thought and division, where all is One.By bathing our minds in these exquisite sounds, we too can experience these states.
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Crocodile Archie and his Daisy

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Crocodile Archie and his DaisyCrocodile Archie and his Daisy
The secrets of creation step by step.
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New Free+shipping Funnel! Manifest Abundance Pendant

New Freeshipping Funnel Manifest Abundance PendantNew Freeshipping Funnel Manifest Abundance Pendant
Hot Offer For Anyone Into Manifestation, Law Of Attraction, Crystals, Reiki, Energy Healing, Yoga Or Spirituality In General! Full Sales Funnel With 3 Upsells.
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EBOOK BEAUTY SKIN CARE – beauty and skin care

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EBOOK BEAUTY SKIN CARE  beauty and skin careEBOOK BEAUTY SKIN CARE beauty and skin care
There are a vast list of chemicals commonly found in mass-produced skin care products. Today`s consumers treat synthetic ingredients in their skin care products as harmful. Natural skin care products are the way to responsible healthy skin care. Any benefit provided by synthetic product can be achieved using natural means.If you`re wondering if natural skin care products are the answer to your skin care problems, the answer is yes. I`ve been in practice for just over 20 years and so far I have yet to see a skin condition that cannot be treated using the natural approach.This eBook explores the use of natural skin care options to treat such skin problems as acne, eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea, as well as provides you with many photographs to help you identify skin cancer.
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