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Freedom from V2k Mind-Control and Electronic Harassment – The Radiohead Protocol

Filed under: Allgemein, Other, Science. 8 January 2017

Freedom from V2k MindControl and Electronic Harassment  The Radiohead ProtocolFreedom from V2k MindControl and Electronic Harassment The Radiohead Protocol
The third and final eBook in the trilogy by Electric Angel for Targeted Individuals and victims suffering from V2k.
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Beauty Above Us: Galaxies

Filed under: Allgemein, Books & How To Guides, Books & Info, Science. 27 November 2016

Beauty Above Us GalaxiesBeauty Above Us Galaxies
Learn about galaxies and their types. Also, check out some amazing facts about our own galaxy and about our location in it. Give your eye a candy by diving into top 10 spiral galaxy pictures from our blog
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Government Secrets and Cover-ups

Filed under: Allgemein, Books & Info, Science. 7 March 2016

Government Secrets and CoverupsGovernment Secrets and Coverups
Why on earth would I dare write a shocking book as this one? The simplest explanations, people ALL over the world are naive and ignorant to what conspires within their own government or of religion, for that matter. These two words dominate people`s thoughts everywhere. What it boils down to is, the nature of the human race believes that “what they do not know will not hurt them”. I have to disagree with this philosophy because it can hurt you and even kill you. This is what MOST governments rely on, for people to disbelieve, what is the real truth? Lies are more profitable and who will believe the truth anyway?
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In Defense of Rodrigo Duterte

Filed under: Allgemein, Other, Science. 27 January 2016

In Defense of Rodrigo DuterteIn Defense of Rodrigo Duterte
Answering objections to Rodrigo`s viability as a presidential candidate.
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